Menlo Park Dental Patients

Upon Arrival…
Dental Health Menlo Park CAOur office staff answers the phones and greets you when you arrive. But between the phone call and visit, they are busy making your chart, understanding your insurance so we can best estimate your coverage, and preparing any other information you might need to know during your visit.

For a consultation or emergency visit…
Our Dental Assistants will greet you and lead you back to your room. They will go over health history, maybe take some x-rays.  Their smile, their helpful attitude, and their professional credentials represent the best dentistry has to offer.

For a cleaning visit…
We will lead you back to your room, where they will get to know you, maybe take some x-rays, and go through your health history. After cleaning your teeth, they will introduce you to Menlo Park Dentist Dr. Dustin Ford who will go through a check-up, get to know you and your priorities, and let you know how you are doing. Dr. Ford is licensed professional with the skill and personality to make your visit pleasant.

Upon checkout…
You will have already been made aware of finances for this visit. If any follow up is required after your visit, we will schedule that for you, as well as keeping you well-informed of financing options.

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Meet Menlo Park Dentist
Dr. Dustin Ford

Dentist Menlo Park Dr FordDr. Dustin Ford was born and raised in Oklahoma. After Receiving his undergraduate degree at Oklahoma State University, A bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management, he moved to Colorado where he worked as an Industrial Engineer for Safeway Inc. He then took a job as a bicycle tour guide in France, and that’s where he met his wife. She was also a guide for the same company.

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Preventative Dentistry
Menlo Park

Preventative Dentistry Menlo Park CAIn our Menlo Park Dental Practice, we stress preventive dentistry to our Menlo Park Dental Patients, which can help eliminate the need for restorative dentistry.

We believe that there are four cornerstones of preventive dentistry.

Vigilant Home Care: Your attention to brushing and flossing at home helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

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