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Partial Dentures Menlo ParkWhen you show your smile to the world, a missing tooth can be very noticeable and make you feel self-conscious. Missing teeth are not only an impediment to an attractive smile, but they can also pose a threat to your dental health. If you have ever considered doing something about your lost teeth, Menlo Park Dentist Dr. Dustin Ford would like to show you how partial dentures can make a difference.

Are You a Candidate?

Partial dentures are created for people with one or more missing teeth. Unlike full dentures, they cannot replace an entire set of lost teeth. Using impressions of your mouth, Dr. Ford will work with the dental lab to design a prosthetic or replacement tooth or teeth from a composite resin. It will be color-matched to your existing tooth shade in order to blend in well with your smile.

Once your new partial denture is ready, we will have you visit us once again to make sure the tooth replacement fits comfortably. At Dustin Ford DDS, our team spends a lot of time perfecting the small details to ensure a very natural result.

The Benefits of Partial Dentures

Partial dentures fill in the spaces left by missing teeth. Their presence helps keep neighboring teeth from shifting out of place. Partial dentures are also removable, so they are taken out whenever you floss or sleep. Having partial dentures helps you chew your food more productively, so you can use both sides of your mouth when eating. And finally, replacing a missing tooth with a partial denture can have a positive impact on your speech.

Customized Tooth Replacement

Menlo Park Dentist Dr. Dustin Ford and support staff will help you choose a tooth replacement option that will give you a natural appearance. Remember that regular dental checkups are necessary to maintain a perfect full or partial denture fit as your teeth and gums change. If you want a more permanent tooth replacement, see how a dental implant can help. Patients who are missing most or all teeth may want to consider full dentures.

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Porcelain Veneers
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Dental Veneers Menlo ParkIf you are concerned about the appearance of your smile, porcelain veneers are a great way to take care of several issues at once without spending a lot of time in the dentist’s chair. Dr. Dustin Ford has helped many Menlo Park men and women improve their smiles with this easy, natural-looking cosmetic dentistry solution. Not only are veneers an attractive smile makeover treatment, the process can be enjoyable and fun with our friendly, experienced team members who put your comfort first.

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Preventative Dentistry
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Preventative Dentistry Menlo Park CAIn our Menlo Park Dental Practice, we stress preventive dentistry to our Menlo Park Dental Patients, which can help eliminate the need for restorative dentistry.

We believe that there are four cornerstones of preventive dentistry.

Vigilant Home Care: Your attention to brushing and flossing at home helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

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