Dental Bridges Menlo Park

Dental Bridge Menlo ParkOf all the ways you can improve your smile appearance after losing a tooth, a Dental Bridge is a very affordable and stable cosmetic dentistry option. During your consultation from Dr. Dustin Ford, we can examine your teeth and gums and help you decide if a dental bridge is the best way to go. No matter how challenging your dental concerns may be, our creative team can match you with very natural-looking solutions that improve your dental health as well as your smile appearance.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

You may be a good candidate for a dental bridge if you have one or more missing teeth. A custom false tooth will fill the space of the missing tooth. The two neighboring teeth will receive crowns which in turn provide stabilization for the artificial tooth. A natural tooth often supports dental bridges, but dental implants can be used as the foundation if necessary. A dental implant is also an excellent alternative to a dental bridge for replacing a missing tooth.

A dental bridge works best if the natural teeth bordering the gap are strong and healthy. During a dental bridge appointment, we will take an impression of your mouth to get proper measurements for your bridge design. The bridge is crafted by one of our skilled lab technicians and then bonded in place. If you take good care of your dental bridge, it can last seven years or longer.

Implant Bridges Menlo Park

When replacing three teeth in a row, a fixed bridge anchored to dental implants is the only fixed alternative. The bridge contains all teeth in one piece and is anchored on dental implants. Traditional dentures can’t offer the same stability or function. Using dental implants to replace lost teeth will give you new, unparalleled strength and stability that allows you to eat what you want. It will also preserve your jawbone and facial appearance.

Benefits Of An Implant Supported Fixed Bridge:

  • The only fixed alternative in this situation
  • A stable, secure solution that lets you eat what you want
  • Preserves your facial appearance and prevents bone loss

This procedure normally includes four visits to the dentist. Most patients report that they were much more comfortable following the procedure than they had anticipated. The course of treatment described here is one of several options available.

Dental Implant Supported Fixed Bridge

1. Before the procedure – We will thoroughly examine the site to determine what needs to be done and take one or more x-rays of the area to prepare for the procedure.

2. Installing the dental implants – Installation of the implants is normally done in a single session. A temporary bridge may be attached at the same time, making it possible for you to function like normal while waiting for the permanent fixed bridge to be installed. The implants will need a few months to fuse with the jawbone before the next step is taken. This time will vary depending on the implant location and esthetic demands.

3. Taking the implant impression – After the implant has integrated, an impression will be taken so the laboratory can make your final fixed bridge.

4. Attaching the bridge – The final step is the placement of the permanent fixed bridge. You should expect the new teeth to fit and function just like a natural tooth. The new bridge will handle all the pressure that your natural teeth did. You should brush and floss your new bridge and the gums around it as you would a natural tooth.

In these days of sophisticated dental technology, bridges can be securely anchored with dental implants. This option gives you a permanent, safe, and healthy solution to any missing teeth you might have. You can also still have the more conventional types of bridge which are attached to other teeth. Dr. Dustin Ford will talk with you about these options and help you decide which is best.

Dustin Ford DDS is the dental practice to trust for the best care in Menlo Park, California. To set up a dental bridge consultation, please contact our practice today (650)326-1682.

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